Release Date Release Notes
1.0 April 2013 Initial release
1.1 July 2013 Added squad photos
1.2 October 2013 Added programme scans
1.3 November 2013 Fixed table headers
1.4 November 2015 Created Timeline
1.5 April 2016 New banner & Search Criteria
1.6 August 2018 Search from-to dates
2.0 November 2018 Match programmes, k.o. times and kits

The History of TigerBase

The 'TigerBase' project began life in 1986, as a tatty sheet of paper which detailed the matches I attended as a teenager.

With the advent of technology (ok, the Acorn Electron), it became a spreadsheet on 'Mini Office' - this enabled some basic summary calculations to be performed.

Then came my first IBM PC purchase (a 386sx) with a MAHOOSIVE 4Mb of RAM to play with. The limitations were endless (as long as you were prepared to wait a few minutes). By 1999, Excel had developed, the formulas became more adventurous - and I became more adventurous (debateable) and decided to enter ALL the games since Hull City were formed in 1904. By this point, my career had dived headlong into Cobol/CICS IBM programming, and naturally thereafter(?), the formulas became VBA scripting, with forms, buttons, dropdowns etc..

Eventually, after years of constant mutterings of, "you really should make this into a proper database, and get it on the internet!" - on being made redundant early in 2013, I decided to use the time wisely by learning MySQL, PHP, HTML, JavaScript - and a bit of Dreamweaver.

So, here we are today! I hope you enjoy the product of 27 years of effort, frustration, code-blindness and R.S.I.! This database is free to use, and not-for-profit. Before you ask, yes - I am clearly mad..




Huge thanks must go to the following, for all their help over the years:

Mike Peterson and Mike Scott - similar statisticians, whose definitive works I have used heavily to create this electronic repository, and also to compare my results with. Their help has always been appreciated and forthcoming.

Nicholas Turner - author of some excellent books covering the early years of Hull City AFC, for his kind permission to use images of squad photos, and programme covers.

Andy Medcalf and James Greenwood - for their technological advice on databases, hosting etc. and generally trying to teach an old mainframe dog new tricks!

Rick Skelton, Ian Walters, Rob Overfield - and the many other members of the "Tiger-Chat" e-mail group who have performed testing for the various incarnations of this project, since 1999.



Many thanks to my long-suffering family, who have had to cope with the many nights of me being 'glued to that damn computer' over the years - and for managing to remain enthused when I proclaim sentences like, "hey, I managed to perform a SQL query on a 'hover' event - and populate a tooltip box with the results tonight!"... your dedication to the cause has been admirable. xxx

"Is it finished?", I hear you say .. I doubt it very much, a good developer never finishes his projects. If you have any ideas for improvements, squad photos or spot any errors - please e-mail me below:



(c) Matt Wales 2019 : TigerBase is a non-profitmaking website, and not in any way affiliated to Hull City AFC. All views are my own.