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TigerBase History & Credits

Pre-TigerBase Incarnations

Year Format
1984 Paper, handwritten record of attended games
1986 Mini Office Spreadsheet, Acorn Electron
1991 EasyCalc, IBM PC
1998 MS Excel sheeet with formulas, Windows PC
2006 MS Excel with VBA code/forms, Windows PC
2013 TigerBase MySQL Database, HTML & PHP Web Code

Early 2004 version of HullCityHistory sheet

Final 2013 version with menu forms and VBA code

TigerBase Versions

Date Release Notes
1.0 April 2013 Initial release
1.1 July 2013 Added squad photos
1.2 October 2013 Added programme scans
1.3 November 2013 Fixed table headers
1.4 November 2015 Created Timeline
1.5 April 2016 New banner & Search Criteria
1.6 August 2018 Search from-to dates
2.0 November 2018 Match programmes, k.o. times and kits
2.1 August 2019 Split image pages to improve loading
2.2 November 2019 Homepage & menu redesign, Player profiles
2.3 Jan 2020 Notification window addition on homepage
2.4 March 2020 Club crests, improved Next Match window on homepage, On This Day
2.5 April 2020 Detailed profile pages of Teams, Seasons & Managers
2.6 November 2020 Addition of more clickable buttons on rows to access drill-down pages
3.0 December 2020 Full migration of site and database to Google Cloud Platform

TigerBase in 2013

TigerBase in 2015

TigerBase in 2016

TigerBase in 2018

TigerBase in 2019

TigerBase in 2020



Thanks to the following, for all their help over the years:

Mike Peterson, Mike Scott, Doug Lamming and Chris Elton - whose definitive books and data have been used heavily to create this database, and to compare results with.
Their help has always been appreciated and forthcoming.

Nick Turner - author of some excellent books covering the early years of Hull City AFC, for his kind permission to use images of squad photos, and programme covers.

Andy Medcalf and James Greenwood - for their advice on databases, hosting etc.

Rob Wilson and Martin Bachelor - for excellent work to provide the match programme archive in a digital form

Rick Skelton, Ian Walters, Rob Overfield - and the many other members of the Tiger-Chat e-mail group who have performed testing for the various incarnations of this project, since 1998.

Mat Lambeth - for assisting greatly in the migration of this entire site to Google Cloud.

Paul Chapman - who has researched every HCAFC match to check line-ups, goalscorers and kickoff times from newspaper archives!

Finally, many thanks to Hull City Football Club for giving kind permission to use some of the Player Profile photographs used on TigerBase.


Reference Books Used

Title Author ISBN 13 Publisher 1st Edition
A Who's Who of Hull City AFC Doug Lamming 9780907033202 Hutton Press 1984
Hull City: A Complete Record 1904-1989 Chris Elton 9780907969495 Breedon Books 1989
Definitive Hull City AFC: A Statistical History to 1999 Mike Peterson 9781899468133 George Newnes 1999
Tiger Tales: A Who's Who of Hull City 1904-2000 Mike Peterson 9781874427681 Yore Publications 2000
A Century of City: The Official History of Hull City 1904-2004 Mike Peterson 9780954783075 Yore Publications 2005
Now Tigers! The Early History of Hull City Nicholas Turner 9780956838537 Paul Gibson 2012
Hull City In The 1920's Nicholas Turner 9780956838544 Paul Gibson 2014
Hull City - A History David Goodman 9781445616582 Amberley 2014
Hull City - The Boothferry Park Years Nicholas Turner 9780995784611 Paul Gibson 2017



Huge thanks go to my family - my wife, Shelley, and our kids, Annabel and Alex - for I have spent far too long on this project

"Is it finished?", TigerBase never sleeps. If you have any ideas for improvements, squad photos or spot any errors - email me at tigerbase@hullcity.com or tweet me!


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